Himalayan Treks is a UK-registered company. 

Eva Bustos, the founder, has over 11 years’ experience of organising trips in the Himalayas. She travelled to Nepal for the first time in 2006 and lived there working as a volunteer at an orphanage. She quickly fell in love with this extraordinary country, its hospitable and warm-hearted people, its profound and varied culture and magnificent mountains. Her love and passion for Nepal led her to travel back a few times every year, tightening relations with this formidable people and organising tailor-made trips.

That first experience truly changed and gave a new perspective to her life. She had found her purpose. Himalayan Treks is the fruit of her passion, and she wants you not only to have an unforgettable time but also to experience the unique in that magical land.

We are in collaboration with a Nepalese-based trekking and climbing agency to offer you a unique and transformational experience. Amongst our long list of activities is trekking, peak climbing trips, expeditions and mastermind treks (treks combined with self-development). We organised both fixed-departure trips but we also tailor-make your trip to make your needs.