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About Health and Nutrition


Since a young age, Eva has always had an interest in using food as medicine, and believed that all we need for our health complaints can be found in Nature.


She decided to devote herself to the study of nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. After three years she gained a wealth of knowledge about how the human body works and about life itself. She now aims at passing on her inspiration and determination to help others achieve optimal health and welbeing.


These days she practices nutritional therapy using functional medicine, which is a scientific and evidence-based model. It focuses on the inter-related functions of the body’s systems, how everything is or should  be working together, and aims to identify and deal with the underlying root cause of the health problems, rather than treating the symptoms in isolation.  She will not only look at your diet or your eating hygene but also at your lifestyle, your habits, and other areas of your life in order to assist you as a whole person, and not just the parts.

Her clinical experience includes nutritional therapy and lifestyle recommendations; diagnostic and functional testing, dietary changes, general herbal recommendations. I also work with essential oils, oligo therapy (use of trace elements) and sound-healing therapy (use of Tibetan singing bowls).

She believes that we are made of mind, body and spirit and that, therefore, focusing on those three levels of our being is paramount in order to restore health.

Eva Bustos

Dip CNM (London)







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