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Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat



A journey of discovery and transformation. EXPLORE, GROW and CONNECT. Join us on this exiting journey to discover your true self and unleash your full potential.

For many, life has become a tireless race towards a big goal that they think will transform their lives. Those who believe that the journey is long and uncomfortable never reach their destination. They key is to tap into your higher self and unleash your full capacity for success and happiness.


This 7-day retreat is a highly experiential once-in-a-life-time opportunity. You will not learn “how to” become your best self, you will practice being this. 





For this trip we have as Mastermind partner the amazing Lourdes Pérez, the founder of Veda Studio ( Lourdes' willingness to contribute to make this world a better place moved her from a successful international career in the corporate sector to the humanitarian sector. After studying and practising with the greatest Masters in India for more than six years in the arts of yoga, meditation and self-realization, she discovered the true essence of life. Today she combines her humanitarian management roles with her work as speaker and teacher, sharing all her knowledge of eastern wisdom and modern science in her retreats and seminars around the world. It is for us a great pleasure and honour to have Lourdes coming along as an expert to our Bali Retreat!


The Mastermind sessions will take place two or three times daily (morning, afternoon and/or evening) during our LANGTANG trek and will include various topics and practical exercises such as the power of your thoughts and emotions to shape your life; managing your energy; handling stress; quantum physics; unconditional self-love; overcoming limiting believes; healing meditations and Tibetan singning bowls concerts to name but a few!


If you want to check out the Lonely Planet Guide Book of Bali, click here.


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